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Jiangsu Hujianghui Mineral Products Co., Ltd. is a non-metallic mineral nano new material manufacturer mainly engaged in scientific research and development. It mainly produces: barium sulfate, calcium carbonate, talcum powder, white corundum, kaolin and other non-metallic mineral nano powder. The production equipment is the nano powder machine made by introducing foreign technology, and the products are sold well all over the world. Products with high whiteness, fine products, pure content, excellent service and by the majority of customers. This product is mainly used in paint, plastic rubber, ink, paper and other industries.
The company is located in the middle of Jiangsu Province - Taizhou City, with convenient water and land transportation. In addition to the production of non-metallic mineral nano powder, hujianghui also supplies other white fillers, pigments, auxiliary materials and other auxiliaries, as well as basic technical services. The company has the right to import and export, in line with the quality management system, environmental protection and safety system, and obtain relevant certificates....<More>

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